Skills and 3 on 3 basketball program 

Our Vision

We aim for young athletes to develop a healthy passion for exercise and skill development through the game of basketball. 

Mission Statement

To give young athletes an opportunity to develop their skills in communication, teamwork, and by developing habits that will translate beyond the court. 

The Reason for

Three v. Three

•The more a player has a ball in their hands at a young age, the quicker their skills will develop.


•The academy is designed to teach players how to play basketball, not how to run plays

•We believe our academy can take the place of weekend tournaments, or a weekday practice for player and teams. 

In a study done comparing (per 20 minutes of live play) 3 on 3 basketball vs 5 on 5 basketball 

The results show that a player is getting a significant more amount of reps when playing 3 on 3. It is clear that small sided games allow kids to be much more involved in the game and the gain the repetition needed to grow their game and ultimately improve their confidence. 


Why Three v. Three?

•Better spacing

•Better ball movement

•Better movement without the ball

•Every player on the court matters –

No more hiding in the corner !!!

•Better defensive communication

•Players have the ball in their hands more 

•Players begin to see the game in “threes” and improve decision making


•Less “Plays” and more playmaking

•Players will learn to make reads instead of running sets 

Program outline

  • First 4 weeks 75% Skills Work 25% Live play

  • Next 3 weeks league play

  • Final Week Tournament